​​​​​Who is Elhaj Electric?


​​After 25 years of experience, Nader Elhaj decided that the inefficiencies of the electrical world must be put to an end, so he set off on his own to start Elhaj Electric ​his first step was to recruit family because they are the most logical and trusted workers he had.  Afterward, we built our brand and are where we are today.

Elhaj Electric is a quality-focused company that focuses on serving its neighbors in Bristow, Virginia.  We strive to bring our name to the ears of all who need valuing electrical services. 

​What we work on

Our Start


​Since Elhaj Electric had such a strong disadvantage we slowly built to make it into the strength of ours by slowly shifting rolls.  Now we have the right people working in the right positions and like gears, in a clock, we are keeping time with the best.

Professional Quality at an Exceptional Price!

Elhaj Electric has always kept things transparent with its customers. Unlike most electrical contractors, Elhaj refuses to be deceitful to their valued customers. Although this feature of Elhaj Electric has oftentimes lost us jobs to other contractors, it built the standard of integrity we here at Elhaj Electric hold.

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