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Do you know where to start?

Whatever the case may be, with our new branch of food trucks we are here to help!  

Or maybe you have a restaurant but you’re not feeling the full blast of the summer business boom.  it could be that your customers are out enjoying the sun and you need to go out and reach them.  

After figuring out which of those you are interested maybe you want to know what to sell to make money.  an easy answer to that is, FOOD.  People love having food brought right to them.  so why not open your own food truck business.  whether sandwiches fries or ice scream we can help you find the truck you’re looking for.

​Are you looking to start your own food truck business?

Well if you’re asking these questions maybe you’re ready to start a business of your own.  Another question that may have raised is what kind of business are you looking for.  There are 3 main kinds LLC, sole prosperities, and corporations.  All 3 of these have their pros and cons. 

At Elhaj electric we have scoured all of the us to find the perfect trucks to in quality and size for you to start your business.

If you already have a business: START HERE

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