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As a foreign born Citizen of the United states he had several set backs including his English abilities.  This was a Blow to the start of Elhaj Electric but thanks to his family that was born and raised in NOVA he was always offered a hand up from when ever nobody understood what he was offering in series.  We also don't have a strong imprint on the communities that we live in and are close to but we hope to change that soon.

​Since Elhaj Electric had such a strong disadvantage we slowly built to make it into a strength of ours by slowly shifting rolls.  Now we have the right people working the right positions and like a gears in a clock we are keeping time with the best.

After 25 years of experience Nader Elhaj decided that the inefficiencies of the electrical world must be put to an end, so he set off on his own to start Elhaj Electric ​​His first step was to recruit family because they are the most logical and trusted workers he had.  Afterwards we built our brand and are were we are today.

Since Elhaj Electric has quality that is not yet understood by the communities around where we live in Bristow, Virginia.  We strive to bring our name to the ears of all who need valued electrical services. 

Professional Quality at a Exceptional Price!